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Goose Creek

Virginia Tributary

Photo of Goose Creek

This Virginia tributary of the Potomac drains a large section of Loudoun County. Historically, the creek served as a river of commerce for mills in the upper watershed of the creek. The remains of a canal system in the lower part of the creek are still visible on the property of the Landsdowne Resort development. The canal builders considered a 20-mile system of locks to bring grain and other goods downriver from Virginia farms. Across the Potomac, the Goose Creek River Lock allowed boats from Virginia to enter the C&O Canal system. Access to Goose Creek for fishing is from the old Route 7 bridge, east of the Goose Creek Golf Course. The 27.5 miles of Goose Creek in Loudoun County were designated a Virginia State Scenic River (1 of 12 in the state) in 1976 because of the cultural and natural significance of this stream

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