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Dans Mountain Wildlife Management Area

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This large, forested area in western Maryland comprises more than 9,000 acres of rugged mountains and valleys. The steep ridges of the mountain have spectacular views of the North Branch of the Potomac and its forested valley. The area is known for timber rattlesnakes. They are poisonous but usually very docile. Dan's Mountain is also the home of bobcats, black bears, and some coyotes.

The wildlife management area is a 16-mile long mountain named for Daniel Cresap, one of the first settlers of Allegany County. Known as an adventurous explorer, Cresap often hunted with Nemacolin, a well known Delaware Indian who saved Dan's life. Hunting in Dan's Mountain usually focuses on the turkeys, but white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, and gray squirrels are also found here. A primitive camping area is available for hunters during spring and fall. Trails and old roads are popular with hikers. The area is also known for edible wild mushrooms and wild berries.

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources
1250 Pleasant Valley Road
Flintstone MD 21530