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Evitts Creek

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Both Evitts Creek (canal mile 180) and Evitts Mountain are named for the first European to explore the area of Allegany County. James Evitt lived about seven miles north of here, as a hermit, until his death around 1749. In 1755, the confluence of the creek and the Potomac was the site of an abduction of an early settler by Indians. Jane Frazier lived to write an extensive narrative of her adventures, including her escape and journey back to Oldtown. Miss Frazier eventually returned to the Evitts Creek area and settled.

Evitts Creek is a designated trout stream above Interstate 68. Maryland Department of Natural Resources fishing restrictions for trout are in effect. Evitts Creek Aqueduct (canal mile 180) is the last of the canal aqueducts, this 70-foot limestone structure was built in 1840. It is far less impressive than the canal aqueducts found in the lower section near Washington. Access is from Maryland Route 51.

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