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Great Falls Park, VA

National Park Service Historic Site

Photo of Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park in Virginia has spectacular views of the Potomac, especially during high water periods in spring and early summer. The park is popular with visitors from throughout the world. The River Trail offers excellent views of the river and Mather Gorge below the falls. Other trails include an old carriage road that was used by settlers to reach Matildaville, the Patowmack Canal Trail that follows the canal; the Ridge Trail that goes inland to an upland forest south of the falls. Additional trails are available for horseback riding. The park is open every day except December 25. An entrance fee is charged. The receipt, valid for 7 days, also includes entrance to Great Falls, Maryland.

The Great Falls Park visitor center is currently closed a due to construction projects; it is scheduled to reopen in Spring 2023. Great Falls Park is part of the "Find Your Chesapeake" project of the National Park Service and the Chesapeake Conservancy. Click here for details.

Yelp reviews of the Great Falls Park in Virginia are shown below. Read Feven M.'s review of Great Falls Park on Yelp

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Contact Information
National Park Service
9200 Old Dominon Drive
McLean VA 22102