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Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Arlington County Park

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This park in Arlington County, Va., is a 100-acre remnant of the wooded environment that once dominated this area. The name "Potomac Overlook" is a misnomer--the trees have obscured the views of the river. The park has a variety of songbirds, native trees, as well as a nature center. Several miles of trails wind through the park, located off Marcey Road in Arlington. One trail follows Donaldson Run to its confluence with the Potomac. The Potomac Overlook Park is the regional center for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority programs of outdoor adventure and human and natural history. NVRPA organizes hikes, programs, school activities, and special programs throughout the year. Another nearby park, Gulf Branch Nature Center, is located off Military Road in Arlington. The park is one of a series of "stream valley parks" developed by the Arlington County Park Division on tributaries of the Potomac. Gulf Branch is one of the streams where herring and perch make their annual spring spawning runs. The park has an interpretive center and a guided trail down to the Potomac, three quarters of a mile from the center.

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Contact Information
Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority
2845 N. Marcey Road
Arlington VA 22030