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Alexandria Seaport Foundation

Virginia Historic Site

Photo of Alexandria Seaport Foundation

The Foundation sponsors numerous activities to build interest in and knowledge of Alexandria's maritime heritage, with a particular focus on the young people of the community. Among the projects supported by the foundation are boat building (including a 42-foot two-masted Potomac River Dory Boat), maritime craft classes, and marine environmental science projects.

ASF's signature program is a Boat Building Apprenticeship Program, an nationally recognizes workforce readiness program which helps at-risk youth, between the ages of 18-22, acquire the job and social skills necessary to secure well-paying, career-path jobs. These skills and competencies, along with improved attitude and increased self-esteem, allow these youth to enter the workforce and become responsible, productive members of society.

Among the Foundation's achievements are two 30-foot Potomac River Dories, William Henry and Monte Byers, which were completed in 2012. Since 1993, the Seaport Foundation's apprentices and volunteers have built many other traditionally constructed boats, including a 28-foot whaleboat for Mystic Seaport Foundation's restoration of the Charles W. Morgan, and historic replicas for Mount Vernon Estates.

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Contact Information
Alexandria Seaport Foundation
2 Duke Street
Alexandria VA 22314